Welcome to my website & thanks so much for dropping by.

My name is Jessica - you can call me Jess. I am a 25 year old, Adelaide based photographer and storyteller. I am a dog lover, perfectionist & camera obsessed. It’s lovely to meet you!

If we were to rewind back to when I got my first digital camera (back in high school when you would have your camera glued to your hand just in case you missed an opportunity for that MySpace profile pic with your besties) we would be here for a long time. So to keep it simple, I started photography during high school & now years later, I feel truly lucky to call it my full-time job. I love meeting new people, adventuring to find beautiful sunsets, and cracking jokes that probably aren’t that funny.

My photographic ‘style’ is raw, nostalgic & warm, and I am an avid lover of candid moments. Unscripted photographs that truly reflect the emotion you are feeling at that very moment in time are what I aim to create. I want to capture your special, sentimental memories in a way that you can look back on in years to come and feel the exact same happiness you felt on your special day. 

Let’s grab a coffee (or better yet, a gin?) and chat about creating & capturing some of your most beautiful memories.